Rabu, 11 Desember 2013

Japan has successfully tested a space cannon

Scientists Japan has successfully tested a space cannon to be used to blast a hole in an asteroid as part of the upcoming mission. Space Exploration Agency (JAXA), Japan will use weapons to collect extensive data about the composition of the asteroid 1999JU3 which cannot be obtained by simply scanning the surface of undisturbed. This test successfully established a launch for next year.

Space cannon is mounted on the vehicle for Hayabusa-2, which will take him to the asteroid, orbiting the Earth and Mars. These are essentially kinetic impact weapon depends on the explosive charge to launch the snail 4lb to the surface. The spacecraft will release the weapon, allowing it to float to the bottom while taking cover on the opposite side of 1999JU3.

Detonasi will be triggered from a distance before Hayabusa-2 circle back to the affected side of the body. After the damage is done, the probe will scoop up soil and debris from impact to bring it back to Earth.

asteroid 1999JU3 is 1000 meters C-type that interest scientists primarily because it is considered to have changed very little since the formation of the solar system. Researchers are hoping to find water and organic materials from the early solar system in the material collected from 1999JU3. This Data could explain how life and planets form appears.

The Asteroid, currently scheduled for mid-2018 blasting, with the probe made it back to the earth around 2020.More


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