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Mystery surrounds two barges that Google

Mystery surrounds two barges that Google has been moored off the coast of America.

A barge has four floors on the deck structure and rumor circulating about what the company plans to use it for.

One of the suggestions is that they can be returned to the floating data centers powered by wave action.

Others believe that they could be equipped with a new showroom for Google glass with “party deck” above.

So far Google has declined to comment on what the ship is used for. But the company did not have patent rights from 2009 to “water-based” data centers.

“This is an interesting concept,” said Nick Layzell, from Telehouse, a provider of data center.

“Cooling is a big expense for each Datacenter, so maybe they are trying to take advantage of having some water in the press.”

But he added that water is the greatest threat to data center because it could cause damage to equipment.

One of the barges docked at Pier 1, Treasure Island Marina in San Francisco.

The authority responsible for the project in the San Francisco Bay insists that it has met with Google officials several times in recent months. Chief Executive Larry Goldzband said that Google has “less specific” about his plans.

“When they decided to let us know what they plan to do with it, or wish to do with it, then we can decide if it’s allowed,” he told the AP.

The documents revealed after a freedom of information request by the newspapers The Day in Connecticut shows Google is also associated with a barge near Maine on the East coast of the United States.

According to the newspaper, the document does not explain what the barges will be used to but a detailed plan to “operate” barge in different ports around the United States began in New York.
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