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The Web As Advertising Medium

 The Web As Advertising Medium

The web started as simple pages and has gradually become richly sophisticated, with new features, advanced applications, and various function. Journal of Advertising Research articles initially focused on the role and characteristics of the web as an advertising medium and soon expanded to include user characteristics of the web.

With the proliferation of e-commerce, studies also began profiling online shoppers and business users of the web. New concepts. methods, and findings were generated from these articles as building blocks of the interactive advertising literature.

A. Display Advertising

The forms of advertising on the web have been in constant change over the past 15 years. There were only four types of interactive advertising (banner ads, sponsorships, interstitials, and “others”) in the interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) 1998 revenue report (IAB, 1999). Search advertising first appeared in the IAB 2000 revenue report, accounting for only one percent of the internet advertising revenues. Search advertising had grown to 47 percent in 2009, with banner/display ads accounting for only 22 percent (IAB, 2010). Li and Leckenby (2007) reviewed the effectiveness of saven forms of interactive advertising (banners, sponsorships, interstitial, search ads, rich media, 3-D Visualization, and advergames).

In the section below, the review focuses on issues of display advertising. (by: Hirong Li, Michigan state university, The Interactive Web)


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