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10 Countries Must be Visited 2014

Released the fourth week of October 2013, Lonely Planet issued a list of 10 countries that are well worth a visit. Each year the LP always pull out top list of best in travel. Draw for 2014, Malaysia entered in the list. Sitting in the top 10, Malaysia became the only Asian representative, replacing the position of Sri Lanka and North Korea to 2013. The following is a complete list:
1. Brazil
Brazil? 2014? World Cup, man!! Brazil has many beaches with the ‘ deadly ‘ sunsets, mountains with dense forests, as well as Ouro Petro-colonial village. Oh yes, don’t forget the iconic Christ in Rio de Janeiro that now so one of the seven wonders.

2. The Antarctic
Located in the southern hemisphere which is surrounded by oceans, Antarctica is the fifth largest continent. You can see the splendor of the mountain complete with glacier ice. Penguin action avoid chasing seals with funny is ready to entertain you. Ernest Shackleton after it was started at the beginning of the 19th century, 2014 is the perfect time to set foot on the continent of ‘ pure ‘ without occupants.

3. Scotland
Glasgow will host the Commonwealth Games (multi-sport event competitions)-20 in 2014. The city itself has many interesting things such as ports, transportation of the present, and of course sports venues. In addition, various interesting festivals will be held in may, as the Festival Brass Band in Europe, Orienteering contest and the spirit of Speyside whisky Festival.

4. Sweden
Sweden cuisine is closely related to local herbs such as seafood, savory herbs, fruit and local cheeses, has always been a major concern of travelers. Cultural elements such as the habit of drinking coffee and culture ‘ shy ‘ person Sweden also are considered to be interesting while traveling here.

5. The Republic of Malawi
The East border of Malawi has over 500 Km with Lake water super obvious that separates the mountains of Mozambique and Tanzania. Flora and fauna are very awake, also stay sweet in Liwonde Natinal Park. The mountains of Malawi are very friendly, very suitable for those who love hiking.

6. Mexico
Caribbean Beach terfenomenal Beach became attractions in Mexico. This forest area also is still very widespread in Mexico, suitable for You who enjoy adventuring. In addition to the urban forest in Mexico also hits with typical architecture of the building. Oh yes, don’t miss the Mayan village.

7. The Seychelles
People call it “Heaven in a beach”. Located in the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar, the Seychelles archipelago known as 115. Must-see in addition to its beaches, exciting Morne Seychellois National Park is. Because the cost of holidays is fairly economical and support locations, Seychelles honeymoon destination often becomes.

8. Belgium
Brussels, capital of Belgium is suitable for a walk around the city. Enjoy the beauty of the building and the Museum of European history the more familiar are some of the activities that you can do. Belgium beer is the most searched people when visiting here. Brussels is also famous for its cheap and delicious pancakes. Don’t forget the chocolate snack and tried 2 notes & from Brussels to Amsterdam.

9. Macedonia
Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia has been first settled to into the city more welcoming to tourists. The City provides lots of comfortable hostel for backpackers, cool Bar and Bistro, and is one of the best clubs in Europe. Some of the sights in Skopje that you can visit, among other things, Lake Ohrid, Mavrovo, the ski area and the historic area of Stobi.

Many mountains areas in Indonesia, but there are 5 mountains in great demand the local or out of State visitors, and this is the best 5 for climbing mountains  and travel at Iindonesia. there are  Jayawijaya Mountains, Mount Rinjani, Mount Bromo, Mount Kelimutu, Mount Semeru.


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