Jumat, 03 Januari 2014

How to Making Money with WordPress Today

1. Sale of Items

Do you create your own themes or just offer to issue market for sale , selling WordPress themes are big business . Some examples of top areElegant topic , ThemeForest and Mojo – Themes. But the profitability of this business could potentially be ? Well, I think the easiest example – but not always the most profitable – is Elegant Themes because their business model . It’s $ 39 per year and you get access to all themes / plugins and support. As stated on its cover with 143 507 subscribers. That’s about $ 5.5 million per year subscription ! So yeah , not inconsiderable .

2. Sales Programs

Similarly, the premium market is very strong WordPress Plugin . Sites like CodeCanyon do well in trading volume is very high, but not a single plugin authors were able to do very well for themselves.

3 . Customization Work

If you are a web designer WordPress is a dream come true . You can use WordPress as a CMS , an issue premium or frame as a starting point , and then spend most of your time to focus on what you do best – design. And with so many great plugins out there that you should be able to easily and affordably meet your client needs to function well.

4 . Development work

Services like CodeMyConcept.com did an excellent job in providing a good service for designers and designers of clients who need special design code for WordPress and other platforms. So if you are a developer without a lot of meat is a good design . Until now, you have at least two ways to put it to work for you in WordPress – development work , as well as plugins.

5 . consultation

With WordPress VIP increased and continued growth of the WordPress platform in general need to ” WordPress Ninjas” and experts will only increase .

6 . exercise

Whether you choose to train others on how to make and use direct WordPress or have a tutorial site dedicated to the subject , this is a much needed service . Some examples of sites that do this very well was PootlePress , WP101 , WPBeginner and

7 . Software as a Service ( SaaS )

Services like Zuppler is a great example of the growing market for SaaS companies in the WordPress ecosystem . Services that provide easy to use and the online ordering system fully supports food restaurants that use WordPress . As more and more types of businesses make their needs know I hope to see many companies like Zuppler pop up and meet those needs.

8 . website content

In the web content is king. This is old news . What is not old news is that it is increasingly evident in recent years that they know best content are choosing WordPress as the platform of choice. If you can create a full WordPress site with great content then there are hundreds if not thousands of tools to help you make money traffic you receive.

9. Membership Website

Membership websites are becoming very popular. With so many good plugins available and free premium memberships , this is a very interesting option for site owners want money . You can add a membership section of an existing site or a new site launched . Either way, if you give something of value at a reasonable price , you can build a respectable income stream .

10 . Content production

With the number of blogs and websites successfully make money on WordPress growing every day there is a market for content producers to hire . I know, because this is what I do for a living. I write about WordPress for the website that specializes in WordPress ! In fact , I wrote a number of other sites as well , but the bottom line is this : every website of my blog is profitable WordPress site that requires quality content , service willingly gave . And you can too! MORE...


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